In the cellar The ancient Palmento

The old vinification room, known as the "Palmento", which dates back to the 18th century.

There are plans to restore it, fully respecting the original structure, where the wine-making area still houses the original tanks clad with sheets of basalt. Here, the grapes used to be thrown into these concrete tanks, where they were trodden. When the fermentation process was complete, the must was transferred to an adjacent tank through a brass tap fitted to the bottom of the first tank.

The marc left inside it was collected in the centre and jute rope was round it to form a cylinder. A perforated wooden disc was placed on top of the cylinder. A very old lever system pushed this disc down, pressing the grapes.

Once the wine had been obtained, the only decision left to make was how to age it, continuing in concrete or transferring it to wooden vats.

Today, in the Carranco “Palmento”, wine is still made using the traditional vinification process, combining the use of concrete, wood and terracotta.